The services Vetting plugin is used to identify services available on monitoring targets and add those details to the targets facts. This plugin works by copying and executing the services.py plugin executable.

This plugin will output service status similar to the JSON data below.

    "services": {
        "acpid": "running",
        "apparmor": "stopped",
        "apport": "running",
        "atd": "running",
        "chef-client": "running",
        "console-setup": "running",
        "cron": "running",
        "cryptdisks": "running",
        "cryptdisks-early": "stopped",
        "dbus": "running",
        "umountnfs.sh": "stopped",
        "umountroot": "stopped",
        "unattended-upgrades": "running",
        "urandom": "running",
        "virtualbox-guest-utils": "running",
        "virtualbox-guest-x11": "stopped",
        "x11-common": "running"

This data will then be used to populate the facts['services'] dictionary available within Automatron's facts system.

OS Support

  • Linux