Network Map (nmap)

The nmap Discovery plugin utilizes the nmap tool to scan a specified network for new target hosts. Each host found to be up will be added as a potential target system for Automatron to monitor. This plugin acts as a simple wrapper around nmap which is determining if a host is up or down based on the options provided.


This plugin does require some configuration in Automatron's master configuration file config.yml.

      flags: -sP
      interval: 40

The above configuration has three main elements.

  • target - This is the target to pass on to nmap.

The value of will scan the entire class A network.

  • flags - These are flags you would pass to nmap when run from command line.

The value of -sP will perform a Ping based scan.

  • interval - The specified "interval" (in seconds) to wait before performing another scan.