Memory Free

The mem_free health check is used to check whether the available memory on a system is within threshold.

OS Support

  • Linux
    • Debian Base (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)
    • RedHat Base (RHEL, CentOS)
  • FreeBSD

For Linux systems this check script does take into consideration the memory used for cache and Linux's ability to reclaim that memory.

Runbook example

The below is an example of the mem_free check used within a runbook.

    execute_from: target
    type: plugin
    plugin: systems/mem_free.py
    args: --warn=20 --critical=10

In the above, the health check will return a WARNING status if the memory is below 20% and return a CRITICAL status if the memory is below 10%.

Required Arguments

The mem_free check requires 2 arguments.

args: --warn=<warning threshold %> --critical=<critical threshold %>