Disk Free

The disk_free plugin is used to check the available space on a specified filesystem. If the available disk space is below the specified thresholds this script will exit indicating a WARNING or CRITICAL status.

OS Support

  • Linux
    • Debian Base (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.)
    • RedHat Base (RHEL, CentOS)

Runbook Example

The below is an example of using the disk_free health check in a runbook.

    # Check for the % of disk free create warning with 20% free and critical for 10% free
    execute_from: target
    type: plugin
    plugin: systems/disk_free.py
    args: --warn=20 --critical=10 --filesystem=/var/log

Required Arguments

The disk_free check requires 3 arguments.

args: --warn=<warning threshold %> --critical=<critical threshold %> --filesystem=<filesystem to check>