Plugins for discovering new targets to monitor.

  • nmap - Nmap wrapper for scanning Networks
  • Web Ping - Listen for POST or GET requests to identify new targets
  • DigitalOcean - Query DigitalOcean's API


Plugins used to perform health checks.

  • Systems

It is also possible to import the Monitoring Plugins Project or plugins from Nagios Exchange into Automatron by copying the plugins into the plugins/checks directory. Once included the executables can be referenced by Automatron's runbooks.


Plugins used for Automatron actions.

  • CloudFlare
    • DNS - Modify, Add or Delete CloudFlare hosted DNS entries
  • Docker
  • Systems
    • Services - Perform an action on a specified services


Gather information from targets to populate facts values.

  • On Target
    • Services - Identify system services and their current state
    • System Info - Identify basic system information (i.e. Hostname, IP Address, etc.)
  • Remote
    • Ping - True or False value to determine if system is ping-able


Use custom datastores to store Automatrons internal data.

  • Redis - Redis data storage and retrieval


Use custom logging modules for Automatron

  • Syslog - Log to custom Syslog end points
  • Console - Log to the executors console